• Client Tax Organizer

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    Our NEW tax organizer is designed for ALL of our clients and can help you maximize your deduction and minimize your problems in preparing and filing your tax return. The organizer is comprised of eight parts, each developed to assist you in collecting relevant tax information needed to properly prepare your tax return.

    Access any of the eight parts by clicking on the underlined part number. You can fill this form online and submit the forms to us. These are secured forms. Except for 3 and form 7 print the PDF and fill in the required information. Once complete please fax or mail it to the office.

    Current clients can contact the office to request a “pro forma” tax organizer that includes prior year information and carryover data.

    Tax Organizer

    Client Tax Organizer – Part 1
      Download PDF
    » 13.4 KiB – Jan 16, 2015
    The Questionaire (Required for All Returns):
    A Check List to help determine what documents and records we need from you.

    Client Tax Organizer – Part 2
      Download PDF
    » 48.9 KiB – Jan 16, 2015
    The Basics (Required for All Returns):
    Includes Instructions, Taxpayer Information, Dependents, Estimated Taxes, IRA Activity, Miscellaneous Income and Refund Direct Deposit Information.

    Client Tax Organizer – Part 3
      Download PDF
    » 41.2 KiB – Jan 16, 2015
    More Basics (if applicable):
    Dependents, Interest & Dividend Income and Stock Sales

    Client Tax Organizer – Part 4
      Download PDF
    » 39.0 KiB – Jan 16, 2015
    Itemizations – (Needed if Itemizing Your Deductions):
    Medical Expenses, Deductible Taxes, Interest Deductions and Child Care Expenses

    Client Tax Organizer – Part 5
      Download PDF
    » 31.6 KiB – Jan 16, 2015
    More Itemizations – (Needed if Itemizing Your Deductions):
    Charitable Contributions, Education Expenses, Miscellaneous Deductions and Casualty Losses

    Client Tax Organizer – Part 6
      Download PDF
    » 44.1 KiB – Jan 16, 2015
    Other Items – (if applicable):
    Travel Expenses, Away-from-home Expenses, Moving Expenses, Home Sale & Purchase and Office-in-the-home

    Client Tax Organizer – Part 7
      Download PDF
    Jan 16, 2015
    Rental & Business Income (if applicable)

    Client Tax Organizer – Part 8
      Download PDF
    Jan 16, 2015
    Partnerships and Corporations – (if applicable):
    Check list of items needed specific to businesses, partnerships and Corporations.