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  • Additional “Done For You” Services Our Firm Provides

    Whether you are running a business or managing your family finances, there can be all types of issues that present themselves on a daily basis. There is no way that we could ever list all of them here and since each situation is very unique to the individual or business it would not be beneficial either. Our firm has the expertise and experience to offer assistance in a wide variety of financial situations that one find themselves in. Even though we cannot predict what may happen, it is likely that we have worked through similar situations previously and gained the knowledge to help get you successfully through.

    Monthly Seminars in QuickBooks

    As an additional benefit to our clients we offers additional services on a monthly basis. Each month we offer clients QuickBooks seminars to help introduce a way to manage your finances whether you just want to maintain personal bookkeeping or are managing the finances of a business of any size. QuickBooks is an accounting software program that can be a useful tool. Our firm wants to make certain that you are aware of how to use it to manage your finances. We offer the monthly seminar as well as one-on-one training and consulting in working with QuickBooks.

    Monthly Seminars are held monthly at this location:

    342 Shrewsbury Street
    Worcester, MA 01604

    What is offered in the Courses?

    When you sign up for the QuickBooks course, you will receive well rounded instruction. The course curriculum covers 7 lessons and is followed by a questions and answers session to make sure that all the course materials are understood so that they are easily applicable outside the classroom setting. We will also include a wide variety of tips and tricks that will be useful for using the program.

    Full Range of Services

    The goal of our firm is to provide our clientele with a full spectrum of financial services. We treat each case as a unique situation and shape the services to meet the need.


    “Monthly Quick Books seminars.
    One-on-one QuickBooks training and consulting.


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    Course Curriculum:

    • Lesson 1:             Getting Started
    • Lesson 2:             Setting up QuickBooks, Everyday Transactions
    • Lesson 3:             Entering and Paying Bills
    • Lesson 4:             Entering Sales Information
    • Lesson 5:             Receiving and Making Deposits
    • Lesson 6:             Using Other Accounts in QuickBooks
    • Lesson 7:             Working with Bank Accounts, Bank Reconciliation

    *Questions and Answers

    *Tips and Tricks