• Estate Planning Done Right

  • Make Sure Your Family Transitions Prepare Your Children and Your Family for Financial Freedom.

    Un-complicating Your Family Estate Planning

    Most of us don’t think about getting old, and we don’t think about planning our estate. For many people they realize far too late to manage their estates properly and it ends up costing them or their families dearly. We can help you work through the complex process of estate planning so that you are ahead of the game.

    When Should Estate Planning Begin

    You are never too young to begin estate planning; and you don’t have to wait until the estate is a certain size before starting to plan. You can make sure that your family is well taken care of even after your death by talking to our estate planning experts. We will take the time to sit down with you and become familiar with your financial situation so that we can help you get your estate in order. We can offer you many different strategies and tools to prevent your family from becoming over burdened with government bureaucracy, taxes, end-of-life costs, probate courts and any of the other wide variety of problems that can arise with an inheritance.

    We Can Help Answer Your Questions

    Many times estate planning is put off because it is complex and causes multitudes of questions. We are very familiar with the various questions that can arise and are prepared to answer them knowledgeably. Here are some of the questions that we hear the most:

    • Can an heir be too young to inherit an estate?
    • How does it affect my estate if I marry multiple times?
    • What if I’ve had children from multiple marriages; can this complicate estate planning even more?
    • Can I protect an inheritance from the creditors?
    • How can I leave my estate to my children without them having to pay huge amounts of taxes?
    • What people need to be involved in planning an estate?
    • Can you help me sort through all the paperwork like wills, healthcare directives, power of attorney and trusts?
    • What happens to my estate if I become incapacitated?
    • What happens if I want to amend my estate because my situation changes over the years?
    • Is there any way that I can leave money to a charity or organization?

    We are equipped to answer all of your questions about estate planning. Each case is handled on an individual basis because each person has a unique situation to deal with.

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