• "Hassle Free" QuickBooks Setup

  • Let Us Setup QuickBooks for You… Avoid Days (or Potential Weeks) of Hassle and Aggravation!

    We understand that QuickBooks is a do-it-yourself program that is not too difficult to use once it is set up. However, we also understand that it can be a huge hassle trying to get it set up so that you can use it. Our clients have stated that they appreciate the benefit of having QuickBooks set up by professional accountants.

    Once our professionals take a look at the bookkeeping system you are using presently we can accurately predict what will also be needed in the future. With these things in mind, we can set up your QuickBooks so that it will not only work well for you now, but also help set you up for success in the future. You will not have to spend hours trying to figure out how to set the system up and you will not have to be out additional expenses for an employee to try and figure the program out. Our experts will not only get the program set up for you they will also take the time to train your bookkeeping staff on how to use the QuickBooks software. This will greatly increase the efficiency of your accounting methods and save you money as well as time.

    What will you get when you hire us to setup QuickBooks for your business? You’ll save time installing and setting up the system first of all. But we will also provide you with these services:

    • Thorough review of current accounting systems, assessment of bookkeeping needs, setting up and customizing QuickBooks for your accounting management.
    • Once we set up the start date we’ll load balances as of the start date; this includes outstanding accounts receivable as well as accounts payable.
    • Customer bill setup including inventory, non-inventory items, list of services, additional charges or sales tax that is billed to customers.
    • Setup transactions to begin with the start date of the QuickBooks accounting system.
    • Provide training for you or staff members who are responsible for accounting and financial management.
    • Provide follow-up training to ensure the QuickBooks system is performing well and meeting the needs of your business.
    • Provide periodic reviews of processes and data to ensure that tax preparation needs are being met.

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