• Internal Systems For Your Business

  • Discover How Our Systems Can Free You to Work ON Your Business… Not IN Your Business.

    Our internal systems will help free up your time so that you can work on your business and not just in it. Financial experts will help you with the internal workings of your business by objectively reviewing your present internal control systems and help you determine how efficient and effective your present methods are. Then we can offer our professional advice on how to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

    Benefits we can offer your company include:

    • Separate out various duties to help reduce the chances of error or actions which are inappropriate. This will involve having more than a single individual making all financial transactions
    • Ensure that all financial transactions that occur within your business are handled by an authorized delegate; one who is determined by you
    • Set appropriate systems into place which will help create an efficient process for reviewing and reconciling all financial transactions by a third party other than the one making and authorizing transactions
    • Make sure that all equipment is safe and periodically check to ensure that equipment, cash, inventory and any other properties remain consistent with records
    • Provide on the job training for all employees to ensure that they are knowledgeable and have the proper resources to perform job duties with an adequate amount of supervision; this includes providing and implementing proper grievance procedures as well as procedures for reporting problematic situations
    • Create documentation for policies and procedures and make them accessible to all employees; this includes procedures for training, guidance as well as addressing employee turnover and areas such as prolonged absences
    • Provide continuous and ongoing assessment of all operations to ensure they are consistently meeting company objectives and goals

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