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    We can assist you in creating the non-profit you always dreamed of. It is essential that the proper steps be taken to help setup and maintain a tax exempt status and we can help you get organized and meet the specific qualifications pertaining to income and expenses. The IRS will determine eligibility using these documents:

    • Annual Statements of Income – this will need to have revenue and expenses categorized specifically such as salaries, postage, rent, donations
    • Annual Balance Sheet – this will include all accounts receivable and payable including cash
    • Expense Statements for each Individual Program – details of every expense incurred for each program or service, this will include everything such as mailing expenses
    • Support Schedules for all Revenue – this includes donations to charity, membership dues, and interest on investments

    Setting up your bookkeeping so that all of these are organized properly is a crucial step to ensuring the success of your non-profit organization as well as useful to help maintain your non-profit status. Our financial experts can offer you professional assistance in creating an appropriate bookkeeping system that will protect your status and help you take care of all your filing forms each year.

    Our professional non-profit services include:

    • Our financial experts can file your application for non-profit status, complete startup documents, FEIN, incorporation
    • We can set up all your payroll with governmental agencies and apply for 501 (C ) (3) status
    • Financial professionals will analyze all financial statements
    • We can design, train and maintain accounting systems
    • Financial experts can manage and prepare payroll
    • Professionals can prepare and file all yearly tax forms for the IRS
    • Provide training for board members on proper budgeting and management practices for non-profits
    • Financial experts can prepare the proper paperwork for religious organizations such as setting up for pastoral housing allowances and documentation for other similar benefit calculations

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