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  • Know the Simple Steps for Starting
    Your Business Right.

    Owning your own business is part of the American dream; but far too many times it remains only a dream because of improper planning or developing an effective business plan. In order to ensure that your business gets a strong start it is imperative to develop a thorough business plan before the business gets up and running. Our professional staff can help you become more than just a statistic on a list of failed business ventures. We can help you identify common mistakes made by owners of new businesses and thereby avoid them. Expert staff members can help you construct a proper business plan to ensure your success.

    Way to start a business right:

    • Create a business plan and determine your basic startup capital needs
    • Find  current resources including startup capital as well as borrowing capacity
    • Consider business structure in terms of taxes and determine relocation if necessary
    • Choose an appropriate program to use for small business bookkeeping
    • Ensure that you understand all the elements of a Cash Flow Projection and are prepared to develop one for each month for the first business year
    • Plan to maximize cash flow by planning adequate billing and collection processes
    • Be familiar with employment laws so that you are prepared to comply from the beginning
    • Consider using a home office to maximize tax benefits
    • Prepare and file for local and state permits and licenses
    • Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number
    • Set up payroll services and payroll tax procedures for your first employees
    • Consider the need for business insurance
    • Develop business partnerships and put them into writing

    This can all seem somewhat overwhelming for someone who desires to start up a business. Our professionals can help small business owners work through all the details.

    Don’t let this list overwhelm your desire to start a business. Our services were created with small business owners like you in mind.

    Call us today to start your business the right way!

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