• Find Out What The IRS "Has" On You

  • We’ll Cut Through the Red Tape to Get Your IRS File.

    Many people are very concerned about what types of information the IRS may have in their file. In some cases, individuals are very surprised to find out what types of information the IRS maintains in their file. It can be difficult to obtain the information that is kept in this official file; and even if you were to have access to the information it could be difficult to understand without a professional’s guidance. It is also essential to keep from raising any “red flags” by requesting a copy of your file. Our professionals know how to obtain a copy of an IRS file without raising any red flags. By obtaining a copy of your IRS File we can help you look over it and discover if there are any tax problems that need to be resolved. We can also help you work through any current issues so that they are resolved.

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