• Non-Filed Returns--Done For You

  • The IRS Would Love to Take Care of Your Unfiled Tax Returns For You…
    Does This Sound Like a Good Plan?

    Does it sound like a good idea to let the IRS take care of any of your unfiled tax returns? We didn’t think so either. That’s why we can help you complete any unfiled IRS returns. By failing to file a tax return because of owing the IRS or because you simply didn’t have the money to pay, you can get yourself into a really big predicament. It does not take very long for penalties and interest to add up. The longer you let it go without taking care of it, the more you are going to owe in the long run.

    Remember that not filing a tax return is also a criminal offense which carries with it a penalty which includes jail time. Punishment for failing to file tax returns can be up to one year in jail for each your you do not file. You will eventually get caught and the updated computer system used by the IRS are becoming more complex which makes it far more likely that you will get flagged and caught.

    There is hope and help available. We can help you be in full compliance with the law. We will help you file your  tax returns and help you take advantage of any deductions or allowances that you may have coming. You may still end up owing taxes along with interest and penalties, but you do not want to wait until the IRS attempts to take care of it for you. This can result in even more interest and penalties. It is much better to voluntarily file your delinquent returns as well as save further problems. We can help you comply with the IRS. Once your tax returns are current we can also help you develop an appropriate plan of action which can be used to remedy the situation.

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