• IRS Representation For You

  • “Take on” the IRS Without Lifting a Finger!

    There are not too many things that are as time consuming as an IRS tax audit. It can turn your world upside down when the IRS picks your return to perform an audit on; talk about a crash course in tax law! It can be very time consuming to gather up all of the supporting documentation needed to substantiate information on each line of your tax return. Plus all the extra time you will have to put in to become familiar with various applicable tax laws. As soon as the letter declaring an audit arrives in your mailbox you’ll begin taking extra time to make sure that you comply with every request the auditor makes. We all understand how noncompliance can end up costing us a huge tax bill that will be compounded by extra interest charges and fees. In the meantime – your business and personal life will begin to suffer.

    In Depth Analysis

    IRS auditors are specially trained to be able to pick apart the entire tax return and perform careful scrutiny of every single line on the form. They have to take an in depth look at all the information that the law requires you to provide. Face it – you are not a tax return expert – and the auditor is. You really do  not want to face an IRS audit alone.

    WE will represent You

    We provide IRS representation for our clients. In the rare occasion that they receive an IRS Notification of Audit letter, all they have to do is forward it to our office. We will face the IRS on your behalf as part of our standard expert tax prep services. You can just go on about your business and your life as usual while we handle all the paperwork, questions and scrutiny.

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