• Tax Preparation Done Right

  • WARNING: IRS Audits Rapidly Increasing…
    How Confident Are You That
    Your Return is Accurate?

    Could You be Missing Potential Deductions?

    Over the last few years there have been many changes to the tax structure in our country. How sure are you that your tax returns are being completed accurately? With the increase of IRS audits and new deductions it is entirely possible that you are missing out on potential deductions. Just last year many tax payers missed out on a larger refund because they did not fill out one particular line on their tax returns. How many of you are missing similar opportunities?

    Complicated Tax Laws

    Today tax laws have become increasingly complicated and every single year the rules that apply to deductions and credits continue to change. Even the most basic tax returns allow deductions and credits that many are simply passing over or missing altogether. Sure, you can purchase some basic tax prep software but the truth is that unless you are a tax professional you can still be missing some very key areas that could save you substantial amounts of money. A qualified tax professional will know all the right questions to ask to figure out how to save you tax dollars.

    Our tax return services will provide you with:

    • The assurance that your tax return is accurate and has been checked and double checked for accuracy – it will be free from errors that the IRS commonly flag
    • You’ll receive tax tips that will help you manage your withholding taxes in order to have a larger income all year long instead of loaning money to the government interest free
    • You’ll also receive a list which contains many common deductions that can help you in the coming year
    • We can file electronically so that you get your refund quicker

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