• Reputation built on aggressive marketing doesn’t always assure quality. However, in a competitive world, every business is trying its best to draw consumer attention using fancy ad campaigns. But should you base your decision to select a service only on their brand reputation and visibility? Also, the millions of dollars spend on fancy ads are often recovered from customers.


    There are a rising number of tax firms in the country and hence you see a number of ad campaigns during the tax season. While the ads might be impressive, it is really the quality of the tax attorneys in these tax firms who are going to deliver the work and yet they are over-worked and under paid. Often the quality of these tax attorneys is compromised to compensate for the ad spends. Tax firms either hire relatively inexperienced people or do not invest in training and nurturing them. However, customer won’t know the reality unless they have used the service.


    Therefore, instead of listening to the actor in a fancy ad, a customer should speak to other tax payers, who have used their service and can testify based on personal experience. You would be surprised to learn how many smaller and less visible tax firms are delivering much higher quality of work, then the bigger and more visible ones. With comparatively fewer clients to service, smaller firms are able to give more quality time to each customer and hence help them keep every dollar, which they legally can. A good reference from a trusted source can save you a lot of money and time.


    Further, despite establishing their “reputation” based on aggressive marketing, many of these firms are not living up to the expectation of the customers. With changes to the Refund Anticipation Loan and competition from more efficient tax firms, these “brands” are simply failing.


    Would you rather be a victim of a big firm that makes many promises but fails to deliver or a satisfied customer of an independent firm that provides quality service? The choice is yours’.